I can’t tell you how much of a weight you just lifted off me.



Top-notch: very many thanks!



Very fast turnaround – amazingly so. Fabulous job!



Much appreciate the assistance provided during the process. Very happy with the decision to engage you and your team this year.



Thank you, Laurence. Also a big thanks to Alexander. Pleasure working with you two.



Clear as always!



Please let me know if I can give a review/testimonial somewhere that will be helpful to your business. You’ve been nothing but stellar over the past few years!



I consulted Laurence on foreign residence and tax issues. He was very responsive, and provided clarification on HMRC practices, which, without an expert’s insight, can be so confusing. I recommend him for those seeking a professional who has your interests at heart.



I really appreciate the time you have taken and the clear advice given.



Really well organised and very helpful indeed.

Costa Rica


Utterly professional, incredibly responsive and a pleasure to work with.



Thank you so much! Once again you went above and beyond the basics.

The Netherlands


Thanks very much for your speedy response, much appreciated.



I very much appreciate both the promptness and the detail of your feedback.



Thank you for these details – this is very helpful, and I appreciate the thoroughness.



Laurence Hodgens provided excellent advice in a very selfless and customer focused fashion.  He was empathetic to us and our situation which is complex and wide ranging, spanning 4 countries tax regimes, residency implications, investment management and financial planning.  The contacts he introduced us to have proved to be excellent and we are working with them.



I want to thank you for your patience and clarity in providing this information. You are doing it in a clear and understandable way.



You went above and beyond for me.



I am convinced we have reached the right person to help us, regardless of the outcome.  We want to be prepared and we want to be compliant above all else. He is a most personable fellow and I would not hesitate in recommending him to others.



Thank you very much for your support and assistance.



Very pleased with the service, and especially pleased with Laurence having been an expat himself, I felt he understood everything and could relate. Would recommend him (actually already have) to any expats.



I highly recommend Laurence for all UK tax-related queries and concerns. As an EU national living in the UK, I was a bit confused with the tax processes relating to a domiciled vs a non-domiciled status. Laurence provided me with accurate and detailed information and was always very prompt in replying to all my additional questions. Thank you Laurence!



I’m extremely happy to recommend Laurence Hodgens for all tax matters in the UK. Like some of Laurence’s other clients, I was facing complex tax issues with HMRC that left me feeling completely out of my element and concerned I’d screw things up due to sheer naïveté. Laurence also treated me, my naïveté, and my tax matters with the utmost professionalism.



As a new ex-pat, tax between countries felt complicated, that is until I discovered Hodgens Global. Laurence’s personal touch and ease of communication made it all the easier to sleep well knowing his expertise was what I needed. I’ll be using him again for my next tax year and if you’re looking for a company to handle your tax affairs look no further than Hodgens Global.



Laurence acted promptly on the info I sent him and was patient in taking me through the tricky bits. He filed out my return well in advance of the deadline. He researched my penalties, wrote a clever letter to HMRC who then waived them thus freeing me of an old fine and I couldn’t be more grateful.



Laurence first made the effort to understand deeply my situation and then he provided the accurate information I needed. Everytime I have contacted him, he has been so quick and straight answering.



It is my sincere pleasure to recommend Laurence Hodgens to anyone requiring assistance with UK tax matters, whether resident or expatriate. In my case as a US citizen, I was facing serious challenges with interpreting, communicating and handling a serious tax issue with HRMC. Laurence was able to quickly and efficiently help sort matters out that had been challenging me for several years. He was instrumental in clearing up over £10,00 in penalties. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable, efficient and professional, but he also kind and compassionate. Should you have the opportunity to work with him, you will be in exceptionally good hands!



Very professional, knowledgeable, friendly, and most importantly helped me immensely with all my questions.

The Netherlands