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17 May 2023

Looking for a trusted company with expat experience

Malcolm Ashcroft was living outside of the UK and wanted professional help with his UK tax returns. 

Fortunately, Malcolm chose Hodgens Global – a decision that proved to be the start of a very successful working relationship.

In short, Malcolm was impressed with how we helped to deal with the tax issues he had with his previous pension. We were able to resolve concerns with his past employer, while also ensuring a good understanding was maintained with HMRC. During this time, Malcolm found the service offered by Hodgens Global to be extremely professional, very responsive and well-mannered.

Simplifying the process, we made complex, important documentation easy to understand and completed work quickly and efficiently – this included signing and returning documents, receipts of payment, copies of tax returns and much more. All for a very agreeable budget. 

Overall, Malcolm was really impressed with the industry-leading client experience he received, right from the first moment he made contact with us. 

Friendly, constructive and empathetic, we assessed what needed to happen in order for Malcolm to achieve an advantageous result. When handling sensitive data, Malcolm added that he always felt comfortable that the access to data was being professionally managed and felt in safe, reliable hands.

Not only was Malcolm pleased with the service he received throughout the process, he was also very positive in his feedback about the support he received afterwards. Once the work was completed, Malcolm still had responses to his emails straight away and the team at Hodgens Global were always ready to help.

We were delighted that Malcolm rated our service with an overall score of 10/10 and said he would undoubtedly recommend Hodgens Global to other people – which he has already done on several occasions. 

Malcolm stressed that he’s aware of the fact that sometimes people aren’t willing to make the initial approach, so he has been trying to bridge the gap – ensuring people know about the great service offered at Hodgens Global. 

Malcolm concluded his feedback by stating that he advises anyone reading this story to reach out to the Hodgens Global team and enquire about the services on offer. 

In the meantime, we are delighted that Malcolm will continue to be a strong advocate for the hard work we do at Hodgens Global and share his excellent experience with his vast network of like-minded people from the expat community.

Thanks, Malcolm.