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17 May 2023

Hodgens Global: way ahead of the competition

Ben Ramdani got in touch with the team at Hodgens Global in order to receive assistance with his tax returns. 

Having scoured the internet for a reliable company that helps expats and their finances, Ben was delighted that we were able to tick all of the right boxes and offer him the support he required.

Having not had much luck with previous companies, Ben was pleased with the exceptional and unique service that Hodgens Global offers, describing us as warm, friendly and very personal. This included any dealings he had with Laurence Hodgens, founder of the company. 

Throughout the whole process, everything was very straightforward and explained in a manageable and understandable way, meaning Ben was always kept up-to-date and in the loop. Thankfully, we managed to resolve all of Ben’s tax-related issues and concerns efficiently and proactively.

One of the highlights of our service that Ben alluded to was the client experience, which he said was exceptional, one-of-a-kind and brilliant. He was also delighted with the aftercare he received once the work was complete, as we quickly responded to a follow-up query he had.

Overall, Ben rated his experience with Hodgens Global very highly, stating that he doesn’t think there is anyone else in the industry that is able to provide this level of service and professionalism we do. A claim that we’re extremely proud of as a team.

In fact, when we asked Ben if there were any improvements we could make to the service or any additional features we could introduce, his response was a firm no – reiterating how close to perfect his experience with us was. 

At Hodgens Global, we’re thrilled with the feedback we received from Ben and that he rated our expat tax service so highly. 

We’re pleased we were there for Ben during his time of need and we welcome him back at any time for more expert guidance.