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Need help to make sure you’re fully compliant with your annual tax reporting obligations?

You’ve come to the right place. 

At Hodgens Global, our extensive range of UK expat tax advisory services means you get the support and guidance you deserve – regardless of your circumstances. 

We cater to:

  • People relocating to the UK or leaving the UK.
  • All expats/people with tax reporting compliance matters in the UK, even if they may reside elsewhere.
  • People looking for a resolution to their tax queries.

Our experienced and reliable team of professionals will be able to confidently assist you in any dialogue with HMRC, so you can tackle tax matters that are probably weighing heavily on your mind. 

If you’re finding the nuances of UK expat tax difficult to understand, then rely on Hodgens Global.

Hodgens Global is GDPR compliant and will meet all your requirements on an annual basis. We’ll continue to honour this commitment as the years progress and your career and life evolve. 

Whether it’s handling the preparation and filing of your self-assessment needs, or taking care of multiple annual tax returns and capital gains tax returns, we provide ongoing consultancy and a friendly voice to talk to. 

No matter where in the world you may be, Hodgens Global is at your service when you need us most.

Should there be any need for voluntary disclosures, then we can arrange this for you too. 

Plus, for any support required on local matters overseas, we are happy to liaise with tax advisers in other jurisdictions. We can introduce you to our respected network in other countries – accumulated through decades of experience in the field.

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Our UK Expat Tax Services

Whether you’re a UK resident working abroad or relocating to the country, our team of UK expat tax experts will have a solution.

Self-assessment and annual tax returns

We assist many of our clients in filing an annual tax return if they received UK-sourced income – whether or not they live overseas or within the UK.  This includes income such as rental income and capital gains from sales of UK property. 

Transactions need to be declared in an annual tax return, which is arranged via the annual self-assessment process. Once you’ve advised HMRC that you need self-assessment, you’ll then obtain a UTR number (unique taxpayer reference).

We can then commence filing annual tax returns, declaring either your worldwide income or just your UK-sourced income, depending on your resident status.


Non-resident capital gains tax returns

Live overseas and own UK property that you intend to sell?

Once sold, you’ll be required to file a capital gains tax return indicating the sale of the property within 60 days of the sale taking place. 

The capital gains tax return is a real-time document that needs to be filed within a relatively short period, rather than waiting until the end of the tax reporting year. 

Navigating this period can be complex and stressful, which is why having Hodgens Global will help enormously. We provide the UK expat tax service, so you can rest assured knowing your tax returns are in safe hands.


Dual residence matters

Often people find themselves in a situation where they’re considered to be a dual resident. 

For example, someone may live in Germany but have a family in the UK – requiring them to travel back and forth effectively. This means they’re tax residents in both Germany and the UK. 

Does this apply to you? You’ll want to avoid paying tax twice on the same income.

If foreign tax is paid on your income that needs to be declared in the UK too, there is a mechanism in place that means tax paid in one country can be offset against any tax assessed in the other country. 

Where it gets complex is that countries may have different systems or methods for assessing the tax due on the income within each jurisdiction, and therefore there may be some surplus tax to pay in the other country.

Sounds confusing? Reach out to a friendly member of our team.


Statutory residence test legislation and tax planning reports

Within existing legislation, there is established criteria to determine your taxation status within the UK. 

If you’re deemed to be a non-UK resident, this exempts you from UK tax on foreign income. 

It’s very important to go through the legislation and assess your status in accordance with either the automatic overseas tests within the legislation or the automatic UK tests.

If neither of those tests can be satisfied, then we’d look at the significant ties to the UK that you maintain while you’re overseas. In line with those ties, you are permitted a certain amount of days in accordance with the number of ties that you have to the UK. 

If you exceed those permitted days, then you’re deemed to be a UK tax resident, so assessed for tax on your worldwide income. 

This is where Hodgens Global steps in. 

It’s crucial to be aware of these issues. We’d examine your conditions and circumstances, then determine if you’ve breached the criteria to be deemed a UK tax resident – or satisfy it to be deemed a non-UK tax resident – therefore exempt from UK tax.


Matters of domicile – remittance basis of taxation and overseas workday relief

Within the UK, there’s a two-tier tax system and the most common tax assessment is on an arising basis, where you’re taxed as income arises during the tax year. 

If you’re a foreigner of non-UK domicile arriving in the UK and considered to be a relative newcomer, then it’s possible you can apply for the remittance basis of taxation. 

The remittance basis of taxation allows you to exclude your worldwide income from being assessed for UK tax. If your foreign income is not remitted to the UK, any income earned in the UK either from work or from a rental property will be assessed for tax in the UK. 

A benefit when applying for the remittance basis of taxation is that it’s available to you for the first 15 years of UK residency. 

There are some additional components of this that need to be understood and considered, which we can help with. 

This includes:

  • Within the first three years of applying for the remittance basis of taxation, you can take advantage of overseas workday relief. If conditions are met, then your income from working overseas for your UK employer will be exempt from UK tax.
  • After seven years there is a remittance basis charge which can be quite costly.


Relief against capital gains tax

As a UK resident, if you sell a UK property, you can be assessed for capital gains tax on the gain arising from the sale of the property against the original purchase price. 

For example, if you purchased a property in 2000 and sold it 22 years later, you’ll then be assessed on the total gain. 

Unless you’re entitled to a principal private residence relief. 

If you move overseas to live elsewhere, then HMRC may deem your UK property to no longer be your principal private residence. 

We can advise you on the mechanisms in place for you to arrange for HMRC to continue regarding your UK property as your primary residence while you’re overseas and reduce the capital gains tax burden in the UK. 


Inheritance tax

This exists when you pass away and have an estate that exceeds the tax-free threshold. 

In terms of the overall value of the estate, there are ways to minimise or mitigate your exposure to inheritance tax. 

With our assistance and good planning, we can advise you on the authorised channels to utilise and reduce the amount of inheritance tax you’re exposed to.


Worldwide disclosure facility letters from HMRC

Many people receive a letter from HMRC’s worldwide disclosure facility team advising them that they are aware of the foreign income that has not been declared on their annual tax returns. 

Clients will often come to Hodgens Global seeking support in liaising with HMRC on these matters – which can be incredibly complex and difficult to resolve. Plus, if it is done incorrectly, it can also prove extremely costly. 

HMRC are very likely to make the discovery because they have a lot of artificial intelligence tools available to them to identify what income is being received per taxpayer throughout the world. They’ve access to UK bank accounts, foreign bank accounts, and foreign tax offices – all of which collaborate. 

This is why you should get in touch with our team, so we can support you in volunteering the right information. 

At Hodgens Global, we relish the opportunity to support you with UK expat tax advice – giving you the professional treatment you deserve. 

For stress-free guidance and unrivalled expat tax knowledge, trust us to deliver as your tax agent in the UK.


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