International Tax Advisor For UK Expats

Whether you’re: 

  • Planning a move to the UK
  • A digital nomad working abroad
  • Retired and living abroad

You’ll need to be fully compliant with UK tax legislation and keep HMRC informed.

Our expert team is ready to assist UK expats all over the world – explaining clearly and simply to resolve your tax-related issues.

As an international tax advisor, we provide a personal touch that’s also speedy.

An International Tax Specialist Doing The Heavy Lifting For You

Hodgens Global prides itself on understanding you and your situation. 

We assist individual clients with cross-border tax and accounting needs – no matter the circumstances, at very reasonable rates.

We give the support you deserve.

International Tax Advisory Services For Individuals

If you’re after expat tax advice, our services will give you the peace of mind knowing that you’re completely compliant:

  • Self-assessment and annual tax returns
  • Non-resident capital gains tax returns
  • Dual residence matters
  • Statutory residence test legislation and tax planning reports
  • Matters of domicile
  • Relief against CGT
  • Inheritance tax
  • Worldwide disclosure facility letters.

We help you maximise your tax savings and reduce the risk of audits – no matter where you are in the world.

Plus, with Hodgens Global, you have access to a network of tax agents in:

  • USA
  • Canada
  • Hong Kong
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore
  • India
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Portugal
  • Switzerland
  • France

Why do your cross-border tax and accounting with us?


Expat background

Our team has vast experience in living the life of an expat, including expat communities of all nationalities, so can quickly understand different requirements.


Decades of experience

Rest assured, this industry-leading international tax advisor knows the right solution for you.


Extensive knowledge of UK tax laws

Home to a team of international tax specialists that understand the intricacies of UK tax laws, Hodgens Global guarantees you will stay fully compliant with tax legislation. We also collaborate with a team of associates in various other jurisdictions who will be happy to assist clients with corresponding foreign tax reporting obligations.


A deep understanding of expat taxes for UK citizens

Taxes for expats can weigh heavy on your mind. From handling your self-assessment needs to organising annual tax returns, we will never let you down.


I highly recommend Laurence for all UK tax-related queries and concerns. As an EU national living in the UK, I was a bit confused with the tax processes relating to a domiciled vs a non-domiciled status. Laurence provided me with accurate and detailed information and was always very prompt in replying to all my additional questions.

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Can I live abroad and pay tax in the UK?

You should be aware the legislation exists to determine if you remain a UK tax resident, despite spending more than 183 days in another tax jurisdiction. There exists a variety of criteria, based on the total number of days you spend in the UK and the ties you maintain there, that need to be examined before an opinion can be formed.

What is overseas workday relief?

If you’re a foreign expat living in the UK, you could save a lot of money on tax, if required to work overseas. Advanced planning is essential, so we recommend speaking to Hodgens Global for advice before moving to the UK.

How does Hodgens Global optimise retirees' pensions and advise them on their taxes?

We have extensive experience in helping UK retirees living abroad across the world, assisting them with recovering tax if they’ve paid twice, navigating the annual self-assessment process, and other tax-related problems.

What common challenges do UK expats face with their taxes?

  • Knowing what to do with property in the UK when living abroad
  • The intricacies between moving abroad short-term and long-term
  • Avoiding any unnecessary tax charges
  • Reporting on foreign income.

How can Hodgens Global help me with my expat taxes?

As an international tax advisor, we manage your personal UK and foreign tax compliance matters.

How do I get started with Hodgens Global's expat tax services?

Your best interests are at the heart of what we do. Get started today with an understanding member of our team.